The best scientific journals in Immunology

As a research scientist with the focus on immunology I constantly keep myself updated with a novel developments in a basic and translational immunology. Each scientific journal usually posts new articles on specific days either (a) as an “ahead of publication”, “advance online publication (AOP)”, or (b) as a current issues.

For example, journals from the Nature Publishing Group posts new articles online usually on Sundays (more recently on Mondays) and current issues on Wednesdays. Science magazine or Cell press, on the other hand, posts new articles on Thursdays, while Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) and Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI) post new articles on Mondays. Finally, Journal of Immunology, the most basic journal for immunology, posts new articles trice a week: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

While the number of online journals publishing immunology research articles went up in recent years, the absolute majority of them do not have a sufficient quality and can be easily ignored. I have no idea what type of model those new online journals follow to generate continuing stream of submissions to populate their issues. It seems that they are targeting researchers from developing countries with the emerging economies. In my opinion, if a research lab cannot generate data sufficient to publish in the basic immunology-focused journals (like, Journal of Immunology, European Journal of Immunology, International Immunology, etc), then for the sake of animal welfare, it is the best not to conduct any experiments in vivo but rather focus on in vitro cell signaling experiments.

With the respect to a high quality research, here is my list of the best scientific journals in Immunology for 2014:

1. Immunity 2. Nature 3. Science 4. Cell 5. Nature Immunology 6. Nature Medicine 7. Journal of Experimental Medicine 8. Journal of Immunology

In addition, I occasionally listen to online Seminars focused on Immunology that are archived at the Center for Cancer Research (CCR). Here is the link to watch and listen to new seminars in immunology.

posted by David Usharauli


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