A tweet with valid URL does not show up under the Hashtag feed? Here is one solution

I recently joined Twitter. I thought I can use twitter to expand the audience and widen the exposure for my blog posts. I was totally unprepared to discover that any time I twitted about my newly published posts with the url link in it, twitter would not return it in search.

Initially I thought I was doing something wrong since I was a total newbie to twitter. Strangely, when I twitted anything without url links in it, I could easily found them in search (both in my home page and in public twitter search), but if the same tweet had url of any my blog posts added to it, it would appear only in my twitter home page and never be found in twitter search.

Now this made no sense at all. if not sharing tweets with link added to them, how else one can promote their blog posts or anything? As a new member of twitter community, obviously one does not have much of following. So how that can be true and what can be done about it?

This was my question. I wanted to find the solution to this ridiculous situation. In Google I found several discussions where people complained about the exact situation. One practical suggestion I found was to make tweets “not protected” in twitter setting so to allow tweets to be found in search and not just visible to your followers.

However, even with this modification, tweets with my blog post’s url added to them would not go into twitter search.

Again, I started to read more. I found that people who have reported the same issues, have done experiments and found that tweets without url would go into twitter search but the same exact tweets with url would not. More specifically, however, it turned out that tweets with the urls associated with big name websites would go into twitter search easily but when the same exact tweet was accompanied with one’s own blog post’s url or with not so well-known website urls, then it would not be found in twitter search.

Basically, when you are new to twitter and does not have much followers (obviously), your tweets would not be visible to anyone if you add url links not deemed to be authoritative links or prestigious enough for twitter to index it.

So, you can tweet anything you want as long as you add big name urls to your tweets, basically promoting others work. But who would like such restriction?

Here is what I did instead. I started adding well-known webpage urls to my tweets where I wanted to promote my blog post’s links. I called these urls CARRIER or Booster urls since they have no other function besides to be a “face control” for Twitter indexing algorithm. And surely, all my tweets with my links + CARRIER or Booster urls started to show up in twitter search.

Here is the example:

NOT found in Twitter search

New study suggests activity determines cell death. Review here

FOUND in Twitter search

New study suggests activity determines cell death. Review here


Since I writing mostly about science, I am using nature.com homepage url as a CARRIER or Booster url for blog post url. Remarkably, even homepage urls for journal Science or journal Cell was not good enough for Twitter to index my tweets. for some reason only nature’s homepage url worked as CARRIER out of these three urls tested.

Of course, with this method, up to 35 characters are lost for CARRIER or Booster urls, but it is worthy. In the end, at some point in the near future, I expect my twitter account to become more prestigious for Twitter indexing system and would allow tweeting with my blog post’s url alone.

Added on Feb 1, 2015: I found that if I attach photo to my tweet then tweets with my blog post’s url will be indexed in twitter’s public search without need of CARRIER urls.

posted by David Usharauli


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  1. Great article. This is exactly what I am looking for. Now I understand why my tweet never show up in the hashtags.

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